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Unlimited monthly recurring revenue

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All Features

Unlimited monthly recurring revenue

Over 5,000 active customers

Contact Us SaaS Charts give you deep insights into your payments, subscriptions and much more.

  • Visualise all successful and failed payments for today, past two weeks, all time etc.
  • Watch your latest events appear as they happen on your account.
  • See all payment disputes that occur over all time. Disputes are expensive and can lead to Stripe closing your account.
  • See every new Dispute and Failed Subscription charge - due to Expired cards etc. Also known as Dunning events, an expiring card or dispute are a loss of revenue. Use our platform to manage these pro-actively.
  • Export to Excel or CSV. Because we know every business is different and often our charts will not answer all of your questions, we provide the ability to export to file so you can use the data in Excel or any other system. also offers a full enterprise data management service to bring your internal and external data together in a cloud business intelligence suite. Our bespoke solutions are crafted for your business and come without professional service fees - just a simple monthly fee.


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