• Ddaas Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence Through Data Management


    Fully Managed Microsoft Azure Cloud Native Solutions

    Fixed Monthly Fees

Our mission is to bring tangible value to your business by monetizing your data.

distributed Data-as-a-Service

  • Business Intelligence

    Bring data from disparate systems together.
    Automated workflows
    Reduce internal costs
    Geo-Spatial solutions
    Fully managed service
    Fixed monthly fee model.
    Highly scalable and flexible solution.

  • Microsoft Azure Solutions

    We are a proven Microsoft Azure Solutions team with real world large scale experience in developing, deploying and supporting solutions that are 100% cloud.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) and
    Anti Money Laundering (AML)

    Our KYC and AML solution integrates with your internal systems. Fully managed service option.

  • Data Warehouse Automation

    Data warehouse automation is the process of automating data flows from multiple systems and processing it so that it becomes available to Business Intelligence tools and other systems - without the need for any manual intervention.

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Data driven solutions to some of the key requirements of the GDPR.

    • Subject Access Requests at Scale
    • Marketing Consent
    • Right to Erasure

  • Business Marketing Analytics

    Speak to us about our proven solutions in Data Marketing Campaign Management, marketing analytics and measuring advertising return on investment (ROI)


How We Unlock the Value in your Data

Gain real customer and sales insights by bringing together data from multiple systems.

1. Identify Data Sources
Abstract and centralise complex data from multiple sources.
2. Merge and present Data
Merge data from many sources to one structured Cloud Data Store.
3. Gain Insight
React to behaviours and trends to increase your revenue through marketing insights.

Our goal is to increase your revenue

We make your data work harder with these methods

  • Implement a structured data strategy

    Utilising cloud services and technical processes to make your data smarter

  • Abstract and centralise complex data

    We merge data from multiple sources within your organisation

  • Central and Meta search implementations

    Lightning-fast searching across your data on web, mobile and apps

  • Data Feeds

    Feeding data to outbound marketing campagins and powerful Business Intelligence and Business analytics tools.

  • Minimize Costs

    With our technical delivery and Cloud Hosted services

  • Personalised Communications

    Supplying personalised content based on customer profiles and behaviours

Video Introductions

Please watch our brief introductory videos to our services

  • Business Intelligence

  • GDPR: Subject Access Requests at Scale

  • Campaign Optimisation & ROI

  • KYC & AML Compliance

  • Global Cloud Infrastructure

    Ddaas is built upon a global Cloud Infrastructure utilizing Microsoft Azure Cloud.

    We are a Microsoft partner and part of a large eco-system of Microsoft partners that enables us to bring in experts in any field.

    All of our components scale with ease and are elastic by design.

  • Built on Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Integration

    Our technical integration points can utilize REST APIs or batch file transfer - all secured over SSL.

    The frequency of the data transfers can be set according to your needs and capabilities. We do not force expensive projects to be spun up internally.

    Your data is secured in a dedicated environment. No multi-tenancy. All connections are secured.

    We can also inter-operate with other systems inside and outside your organization.


The founders of Ddaas come from technical, business and legal backgrounds that give us the breadth of perspective to understand our client's needs and challenges.

Paul Smullen is the founder of Ddaas and has 25 years of experience in the Technology sector working with some of the world's largest organisations on mission critical systems. Enabling mid-sized businesses to utilise Enterprise scale platforms for data management at a manageable cost was the driver to create the Ddaas platform. Paul brings extensive experience in enterprise architecture, software development and database design to Ddaas as well as his breadth of experience in many industries.

Shane Byrne. As well as his distinguished professional rugby career that included the Irish international team and a British & Irish Lions tour, Shane is an experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history in a variety of industries. Shane brings strong business development skills to Ddaas with vast experience in Negotiation, Budgeting, Business Planning, and Operations Management.

Simon Carty has had a distinguished legal career firstly running his own law firm and now as a Partner in Crowley Millar an international law firm based in Dublin. He has had specific focus on Media Entertainment Clients and is also a member of the production team for BBC1’s highly successful sit-com Mrs.Brown's Boys. Simon brings specialist skills to Ddaas including Litigation, Brand Management, Content Liability, Intellectual Property, Defamation, Acquisitions and Procurement.

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